How long to use topical steroids

Two multicenter, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled studies were conducted in 628 subjects 6 months of age and older with active head lice infestation. For the evaluation of efficacy, the youngest subject from each household was enrolled in the Primary Treatment Cohort with ULESFIA® Lotion or vehicle. Other infested household members were enrolled in a Secondary Treatment Cohort and received the same treatment as the youngest subjects. The Secondary Treatment Cohort was not included in the efficacy analysis, but was evaluated for all safety parameters.

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Neck/Forehead/Temples: These areas are good to target feelings of tension.

Abdomen: Application of essential oils, especially over major digestive organs.

Arms/Legs/Back:  Massage onto the arms, wrists, legs, feet, or back after physical activity.

Roof of the Mouth (Soft Palette)/Base of the Skull: Applying oils to these areas is an excellent way to help transform your mood and balance your emotions.

Chest:  Rubbing oils onto the chest promotes feelings of clear breathing.

Bottoms of Feet:  The feet have large pores that rapidly absorb essential oils, making this an ideal application site for generalized effect. Apply and massage in 2–4 drops of essential oil.

How long to use topical steroids

how long to use topical steroids


how long to use topical steroidshow long to use topical steroidshow long to use topical steroidshow long to use topical steroidshow long to use topical steroids