How to use a syringe for steroids

Available in 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc capacities, Nordson EFD syringe barrels are molded from a proprietary blend of polypropylene, to provide exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility.

Nordson syringe barrels and pistons are manufactured in EFD’s own certified silicone-free facilities in the United States and are certified for industrial use.

Types of EFD Syringe Barrels

Clear Syringe Barrels
These industrial-grade syringe barrels made from a clear polymer are manufactured to precise tolerances for general purpose use, making them ideal for all assembly fluids except light-sensitive materials.

Amber Syringe Barrels
These UV blocking barrels block UV and visible light wavelengths up to 550 nm, while allowing fluid levels to be monitored.

Opaque Black Syringe Barrels
These syringe barrels provide complete light blockage for light sensitive fluids.

Green Syringe Barrels
Nordson EFD’s syringe barrels are produced with transparent green color in order to provide a visual aide to identify different materials in production environments making them perfect for packaging lead-free solder paste.

ESD-Safe Syringe Barrels
Made from an inert, non-carbon, non-surface-migratory material, our ESD-safe syringe barrels prevent static buildup when dispensing assembly fluids used in manufacturing electronics, such as mobile devices, medical devices, fiber optics, and more.

Unity™ HiTemp™ Syringe Barrels
These 30cc capacity disposable barrels are designed for use with hot melt adhesives at temperatures up to 180° C (356° F). They are compatible with Nordson’s Unity IC Series  and Unity PURJet™ 30  systems, as well as with standard industry hot melt dispensers. Unity barrel benefits include more reliable, repeatable dispensing in addition to reduced downtime and cost of ownership.

How to use a syringe for steroids

how to use a syringe for steroids


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