How to use powder steroids

In Europe, one of the first mentions of gunpowder use appears in a passage found in Roger Bacon 's Opus Maius of 1267 and Opus Tertium in what has been interpreted as being firecrackers . The most telling passage reads: "We have an example of these things (that act on the senses) in [the sound and fire of] that children's toy which is made in many [diverse] parts of the world; ., a device no bigger than one's thumb. From the violence of that salt called saltpeter [together with sulfur and willow charcoal, combined into a powder] so horrible a sound is made by the bursting of a thing so small, no more than a bit of parchment [containing it], that we find [the ear assaulted by a noise] exceeding the roar of strong thunder, and a flash brighter than the most brilliant lightning." [29] In the early 20th century, British artillery officer Henry William Lovett Hime proposed that another work tentatively attributed to Bacon , Epistola de Secretis Operibus Artis et Naturae, et de Nullitate Magiae contained an encrypted formula for gunpowder. This claim has been disputed by historians of science including Lynn Thorndike , John Maxson Stillman and George Sarton and by Bacon's editor Robert Steele , both in terms of authenticity of the work, and with respect to the decryption method. [29] In any case, the formula claimed to have been decrypted (7:5:5 saltpeter:charcoal:sulfur) is not useful for firearms use or even firecrackers, burning slowly and producing mostly smoke. [30] [31] However, if Bacon's recipe is taken as measurements by volume rather than weight, a far more potent and serviceable explosive powder is created suitable for firing hand-cannons, albeit less consistent due to the inherent inaccuracies of measurements by volume. One example of this composition resulted in 100 parts saltpeter, 27 parts charcoal, and 45 parts sulfur, by weight. [32]

The most common way and the traditional way to consume Triphala is through a tea. This delivery method allows one to taste the Triphala fully, which in this case is a good thing! (Unlike with many unpleasant-tasting medicines.) It’s worth noting that the flavor of this herb is one of its alluring points, as it contains five of the six tastes that are recognized within the Ayurveda discipline. One can expect to enjoy the sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent qualities of Triphala when drinking it; the only taste of the six that is excluded is salty.

I know this article is a couple of years old, but if I may add my two pesos worth — I live in an extremely humid climate in the summertime, and I always keep my baking powder in the fridge (salt, also). It stays dry, because today’s modern fridges are self-defrosting. They are constantly pulling moisture out of the fridge and its contents. At least that’s my theory, and the baking powder (Rumford) stays effective long past its expiration date as long as it is refrigerated. When I take it out to use it, I can’t keep the lid off for any more time than it takes to measure it. Otherwise, the moisture in the air condenses on the cold surface of the powder.

How to use powder steroids

how to use powder steroids


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