Is anavar good for boxing

I love anavar for many energy it gives me, the cutting ability, added cardio benefits, and the strength gains compared to any other oral. the pumps are second to none on var. these pumps can be so intense they can be painful sometimes. Im taking 60mg split of the var right now on my cycle. today i knew i was going to be rolling on the matts for ground work and submission work (MMA). i was feeling a little tired so i decided to take 50mg about an hour before i went in. well to my surprise after about 30 minutes of submissions wrestling. my forearms were so blown out and pumped that the pain was literally unbearable. i came home and my arms looked so pumped and swollen that they were red. it took about an hour or so for it to subside. i was rolling around in my bed moaning and groaning and honestly crying (tears and boogies rolling) i was in such pain. i have never experienced this before. it went away and the pump did to. it was the most intense pain i think i have ever experienced. i owe it to the anavar. i dont think i will take more 20 or 30mg again. i may not even take it again before training if this happens again.

I have a problem and it is that I never managed to become very good at anything. Sure, I can become better than average, but I was never able to develop a talent in something to the point of impressing others and being part of the elite. For example, I have been playing video games for nearly 30 years and I am still bad at them. I can never reach the upper echelons. And it’s like this with pretty much everything, like sports, etc… Even at my job I try to do my best but there is always someone who does better work than me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a psychological issue. I notice that men who are “the best” in their field or at least elite have success with women.

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Is anavar good for boxing

is anavar good for boxing


is anavar good for boxingis anavar good for boxingis anavar good for boxingis anavar good for boxingis anavar good for boxing