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Critics argue that the non-aggression principle is not ethical because it opposes the initiation of force even when they would consider the results of such initiation to be morally superior to the alternatives that they have identified. In arguing against the NAP, philosopher Matt Zwolinski has proposed the following scenario: "Suppose that by imposing a very, very small tax on billionaires, I could provide life-saving vaccination for tens of thousands of desperately poor children. Even if we grant that taxation is aggression, and that aggression is generally wrong, is it really so obvious that the relatively minor aggression involved in these examples is wrong, given the tremendous benefit it produces?" [70]

Our senior management team has operated at the highest levels including central and local government, and in schools, colleges, prisons, the housing sector and private companies. Nacro’s CEO, Jacob Tas, has experience of leading organisations in the business and charity sectors. He is dedicated to social justice and determined that Nacro not only helps the hardest to reach in society but also influences the public debate to improve public services, especially rehabilitation within prisons. Nacro’s Board of Trustees has a wealth of specialisms, such as housing, rehabilitation, local government, national government, policing, the NHS and business.

Nap 50 uk

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