Nap 50s results

216. Cave Dwelling Sponge / The Clam Whisperer
217. Spot Returns / The Check-Up
218. Spin the Bottle / There's a Sponge in My Soup
219. Man Ray Returns / Larry the Floor Manager
220. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom
221. No Pictures Please / Stuck on the Roof
222. Krabby Patty Creature Feature / Teacher's Pests
223. Sanitation Insanity / Bunny Hunt
224. Squid Noir / Scavenger Pants
225. Cuddle E. Hugs / Pat the Horse
226. Chatterbox Gary / Don't Feed the Clowns
227. Drive Happy / Old Man Patrick
228. Fun-Sized Friends / Grandmum's the Word
229. Doodle Dimension / Moving Bubble Bass
230. High Sea Diving / Bottle Burglars
231. My Leg! / Ink Lemonade
232. Shopping List / Mustard O' Mine
233. Whale Watching / The Krusty Cleaners
234. Patnocchio / ChefBob
235. Library Cards / Plankton Paranoia
236. Surf n' Turf / Call the Cops
237. Goons on the Moon
238. Appointment TV / Karen's Virus
239. The Night Patty / The Grill is Gone
240. It's Bubbletown / Girls Night Out
241. Squirrel Jelly / The String

Enjoy Responsibility won here in November but is still 12lb higher and his best form has come on quicker surfaces. TWENTY EIGHT GUNS (NAP) won a more competitive affair over track and trip last month and was value for more than the winning margin. A tongue-tie clearly had the desired effect and she should be capable of following up off a 5lb higher mark. Mortens Leam has also won over course and distance but the handicapper reacted badly to his success in December and the six-year-old couldn’t cope at Wetherby next time. After Aspen won over fences in Ireland and made a winning start over hurdles at Lingfield for Olly Murphy but is now on a career-high mark.

Nap 50s results

nap 50s results


nap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s results