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2018-2053: Panthers, having shown no goddamn micron of sense, have spent $192 billion dollars on 3 players, won 2 games (one after robot Tom Brady’s 2032 whole season forfeiture for having an illegal cannon instead of an arm) and are the permanent 34th place NFL team, under the London Jaguars, Mexico City MS13's, and the Cleveland Browns. Despite winning only two games, the Panthers have never drafted in the first three rounds, because goddamn moron Hurney, named GM for life by a dying, senile Jerry Richardson, has traded every 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick for Tim Tebow’s contract rights, should he decide to leave the Space Christians base on Mars and return to football. Cam Newton’s family’s lawsuit against the Panthers, for negligent homicide after not fielding any offensive linemen at all from 2018-2021, has been dropped by the supreme court for reasons of insanity.

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One time I was in Boston watching a game and openly cheering for the Redskins. Not one, but two different groups of Pats fans came up and expressed shock and surprise that people actually were fans of the Redskins claiming that they’d “never seen that before.” They then looked on with sympathy and sort of-half consoled me every bad play the Redskins made (and there were PLENTY). The worst part was that they weren’t even trying to make fun of me, you could tell they felt genuinely sorry for me. Even the most insecure, petty sports fans around think being a Redskins fan is too sad to even take pleasure in insulting.

Team andro 50 cent

team andro 50 cent


team andro 50 centteam andro 50 cent